Alice Nizzi Park – Waukee, Iowa

Alice Nizzi Park, Waukee, Iowa, Des Moines, parks

Alice Nizzi Park is located in Waukee, Iowa, and offers a fun spaghetti, climbable structure in remembrance of Alice Nizzi’s SpaghetiLand.


Name: Alice Nizzi Park
Address: 715 Dellwood Drive in Waukee, Iowa
Type: Places to take a walk, bike, and play
Bathrooms: No
Shade: Small amount shade above climbing structure
Playground: Climbing structures
Trails: Yes. There is a winding, paved trail around the area.
Water: No

Other Notes: It was extremely muddy when we visited around the area. It is a new development which explains the reason. The actual climbing structure is a rubber surface. There were no benches or picnic tables, but those may be coming soon!

Official Website:

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This is a fun little structure to play on! Alice Nizzi Park was a Waukee community fixture who ran the infamous Spaghettiland restaurant throughout the mid-20th century. The design of this park is a nod to Nizzi’s legacy and the rich history of Waukee’s coal mining camps.

It is a smaller park but filled with tons of creative fun. The climbing structure reminds me of a large plate of spaghetti and offers monkey bars, balancing, climbing, swinging, and more.

These spinning structures reminded me of a fork twirling spaghetti. The kids enjoyed them!

Of course, the highlight of the park was the spaghetti!

While the kids play you can learn a little bit more about Alice Nizzi and her contributions to Waukee, Iowa.

There is a paved walking path in the area that leads to two climbing rock structures and details about the coal mines and camps.

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