Park Visit: Warrior Park in Waukee, Iowa

Warrior Park in Waukee, Iowa is pretty small, but has some unique features for the west side that I think make it worth a visit! This park is near the Waukee Public Works building, which hosts a free indoor play gym Mondays & Wednesdays (it’s called tot lot) and makes for a great side trip after attending.

You can see more specific details on the Warrior Park page below or check out its location on the interactive map.

Warrior Park in Waukee, Iowa


It’s tucked away in a neighborhood, I don’t think you’d ever notice it unless you went looking! There is a separate, small gravel parking lot and a new “little free library”.


It’s pretty small, although they keep adding things every few months it seems (I went in spring and don’t remember the Little Free Library, picnic tables, or parking area.


The engineered sledding hill is great fun even without snow – perfect for running and rolling down. There is virtually no traffic or cars nearby, so a great spot for kids or dogs who love to run, despite the lack of a fence.


I feel like climbing domes are relatively rare, which is a shame because they are fun!


This fire truck is perfect for pretend play and climbing; also unique in the area as far as I know.


There are a few baseball diamonds nearby (as well as a cemetery, which we obviously didn’t play at) that also provide entertainment for running, dragging, and exploring.

If you find yourself out on the west side, this is a great little park to spend some time at!

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