Greenwood/Ashworth Park, Pond, and Splashground – Des Moines, Iowa

Greenwood Ashworth Park, Pond, and Splashground

Greenwood/Ashworth Park and Splashground is a little confusing, but has a lot to offer! When you first pull down the street, you’ll see an outdoor theater followed by a pond with an outdoor classroom and paved trail. If you turn left and go up the hill, there is a new sprayground and the playground with the tennis courts. If you instead continue going straight, there are dirt trails past the pool. Greenwood Park is used by the neighboring Bergman Academy for recess, so be prepared for busy afternoons during the week day.

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Name: Greenwood/Ashworth Park and Splashground
Address: 4500 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312 (Sprayground – 100 45th St, Des Moines, IA 50312 )
Type: Places to play, places to take a hike, places to take a walk, places to get wet
Bathrooms: Yes
Shade: Yes, shaded shelter and partially shaded playground
Playground: Yes
Trails: Yes, paved trail and dirt trail
Water: Yes, pond and sprayground
Other notes: Basketball court, formal rose garden, outdoor theater, tennis court. Nature trail map here. Reserve-able shelters, Backstop, grill, public art, reserve-able shelters.
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Ashworth Trails

ashworth trails des moines iowa ashworth trails des moines iowa ashworth trails des moines iowa

ashworth1 trail

Greenwood Splash Pad

ashworth park sprayground des moines iowa greenwood park sprayground des moines iowa

Greenwood Park

greenwood park des moines iowa greenwood park des moines iowa

Greenwood Pond

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[Photo courtesy of Des Moines Parks and Rec]
[Photo courtesy of Des Moines Parks and Rec]
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1 thought on “Greenwood/Ashworth Park, Pond, and Splashground – Des Moines, Iowa

  1. Katherine Anthony says:

    I lived off 42nd St. as a child in the late ’50s. I remember many wonderful hours skating on the pond in the winter. All the St. Augustin kids would bring our skates to school and walk over to the pond after dismissal. There was a warming house at the pond with a big stove and a candy counter. The moms would pick us up at dusk. Great memories.

    We also spent summer days at Ashworth pool. My first Red Cross swim lessons were there. Lessons in the morning. We’d ride our bikes home for lunch. Then back to the pool in the afternoon.


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