Badger Creek State Recreation Area – Van Meter, Iowa

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Badger Creek State Recreation Area is a popular fishing destination, with a large lake. There are no designated trails but there is wooded space to explore as well. Every year in mid-July, there is a large sunflower field that is popular for taking pictures  (details below for the 2017 field location).

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Name: Badger Creek State Recreation Area
Address: G14 and Badger Creek Road Van Meter, Iowa – this is the closest GPS intersection I could find, the entrance to the park is north of here (picture below).
Type: Places to visit
Bathrooms: Yes, non-flush
Shade: No
Playground: No
Trails: No
Water: Yes, lake
Other notes: Boating and fishing. Stunning sunflower field in mid-summer, pelican flock in late spring.
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Yellow box is where you park for the main entrance!

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I thought this trail would lead to something more, but it died out quickly.

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[Photo courtesy of Iowa DNR]

[Photo courtesy of Iowa DNR]

badger creek recreation area sunflower field directions

To find the Badger Creek Recreation Area sunflower field, see the photo below for what to type in; you’ll see the sunflowers to your left as you drive in, we parked by the road and followed someone else’s foot path into the field. It is/was in bloom in mid-July.

badger creek sunflower field van meter iowa sunflower fields des moines iowa


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  1. […] Organizations throughout the state, including Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF)- where I’m currently employed as an intern- work to protect existing prairie and restore the endangered ecosystem in reclaimed land. The DNR, with what remaining funds they have, also work on managing properties to protect and restore biologic diversity. At Badger Creek Recreation Area, part of that work involves planting a field of sunflowers. […]

  2. I am curious if there is a sun flower field this year? I had heard that they planted corn instead of sunflowers?

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