Winterset City Park in the Summer

Sharing some photos from last summer, when we explored Winterset City Park for the first time! You can see what it looked like during fall in this post; I think I prefer checking out all the bugs and the green views.

[You can see more specific details on the Winterset City Park page below or check out its location on the interactive map.]

Winterset City Park – Winterset, Iowa


Some cool finds with my apologies for the dead snake photo, but I had/have never seen one of these before! I believe it is a milk snake, and its coloring was very interesting. We were so tickled by the giant American millipede, it felt like we were in Jurassic Park when we spotted them. Not sure what that caterpillar is, but it was beautiful and of course animal tracks!


No backed-out shots of Clark Tower for some reason, you’ll have to check the fall post or main page (linked above) to see that, but the view was stunning!


winterset city park bocce court

winterset city park hedge maze iowa

Some of the other cool things there; we had such a great time running around in the hedge maze to find the sundial. This park is so unique, it’s totally worth the drive down.

Plan an entire fun day in Winterset with the itinerary below.

Day Trip to Winterset, Iowa

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