Waterford Park – Urbandale, Iowa

Waterford Park is located in Urbandale, Iowa, and offers a fun playground and disc golf!

Name: Waterford Park
Address: 156th Street and Northview Drive, Urbandale, Iowa
Type: Places to visit, place to play
Bathrooms: Yes, portable toilets
Shade: No

Shelter: No
Playground: Yes
Trails: Yes, bike trail runs through
Water: No

Other notes: Offers disc golf and bike trail runs through.
Official Website: https://www.urbandale.org/Facilities/Facility/Details/Waterford-Park-67
DSMOF Blog posts: N/A
Other things nearby of note: 
If you’re looking for other places to get outside, check back in with the interactive map!


Large field to play disc golf.

The bike trail runs through the park.

A playground is available with a lot of fun climbing options. There are two benches to sit and no shade.



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