Volunteering at Iowa Gardening for Good

Last year I tried to organize a kid-friendly volunteering event every month, and we had the most fun harvesting crops at Iowa Gardening for Good! The family who runs it was so welcoming, the land is beautiful, and all of our kids had a great time picking vegetables and meeting all the animals.

You can find more pictures and information on their Facebook page, where you can also contact them about setting up a time to volunteer or joining in on one of their events.

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All of the kids were 5 or younger – sometimes distractions like inspecting the produce took priority over actually picking!

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One of my friends, volunteering like a boss with her toddler on her back.

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My son was all about pulling their utility wagons, it was a great activity for all of the kids.

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They were so easy going and flexible about how much we actually accomplished, and then on top of it brought out their tractor for us to check out!

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There was a pretty little lake with picnic tables for us to bring our lunches, and even a fire pit and fishing poles if you wanted to relax a while after harvesting crops.

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They had a big beautiful dog and then brought out bunnies! This was a huge hit with everyone. We enjoyed hearing about how the food was distributed and touring the farm; it was a great experience and I hope to go again this year. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a group volunteering opportunity, especially if kids are involved.

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