Norwalk Places to visit

Brownie Park – Norwalk, Iowa

Brownie Park is a fun spot to picnic or relax, with a swinging bench and butterfly garden.

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Enabling Garden – Altoona, Iowa

the enabling garden in altoona iowa

Enabling Garden is an interactive children’s garden designed to use all 5 senses, designed to be accessible for everyone. It has on display: unique public art, a meditative water feature, rain garden, and illustrates gardening for individuals with physical impairments.

Places to play West Des Moines

Meadowview Park – West Des Moines, Iowa

meadowview park west des moines iowa (1)Meadowview Park is a small neighbor hood park with lots of green space. There is a beautiful garden, playset, and lots of open space to play in.

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Principal Riverwalk – Des Moines, Iowa

[Photo courtesy of Des Moines Parks and Rec]
[Photo courtesy of Des Moines Parks and Rec]
Principal Riverwalk is a hub of downtown, connecting several trails, and a one of a kind fishing themed park thanks to Rotary.

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Greenwood/Ashworth Park, Pond, and Splashground – Des Moines, Iowa

Greenwood Ashworth Park, Pond, and Splashground

Greenwood/Ashworth Park and Splashground is a little confusing, but has a lot to offer! When you first pull down the street, you’ll see an outdoor theater followed by a pond with an outdoor classroom and paved trail. If you turn left and go up the hill, there is a new sprayground and the playground with the tennis courts. If you instead continue going straight, there are dirt trails past the pool. Greenwood Park is used by the neighboring Bergman Academy for recess, so be prepared for busy afternoons during the week day.