Sugar Creek Park – Waukee, Iowa

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Sugar Creek Park is a new neighborhood park located in Waukee, Iowa near Sugar Creek Elementary School. This park offers a ton of climbing opportunities, a high slide, and a pickleball court.


Name: Sugar Creek Park

Address: 2955 Serenity Drive Waukee, Iowa; This park may be easy to miss. It is directly across the street from Sugar Creek Elementary. There is a walking path that comes out between the houses.

Type: Places to Play

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are available

Shade: There is currently no shade, but may be in the long-term plans. There is one smallish shade over the playground.

Playground: Playground with rubber footing

Hours: None listed

Official Website:

Other things nearby of note: 

  • If you’re looking for other places to get outside, check back in with the interactive map!
  • There is a pickleball court available
  • No parking lot. Only street parking is available.
  • No benches or tables. This park just opened so these items may be coming!


Sugar Creek Park is a new neighborhood park that offers a ton of climbing, balance, coordination, and more.  The slide and climbing are pretty tall. I would recommend it for older kids, but younger kids may enjoy depending on their comfort level.

There is a lot of green space in the area and paved walking paths throughout the park/playground for walking, scooters, bikes, etc.

If you love pickleball, they have a pickleball court too!

Sugar Creek Park also offers swings including a Konnection Swing.

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