Rotary Riverwalk Park – Des Moines, Iowa

Rotary Riverwalk Park, Des Moines, Iowa, Downtown Des Moines, Principal Riverwalk, Lauridsen Skatepark, des moines parks

The Rotary Riverwalk Park is located along the Principal Riverwalk. A small park with a fun climbing piece, few swings, and a bike trail across The Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge. Also located just north is the Lauridsen Skatepark.


Name: Rotary Riverwalk Park
Address: W River Dr, Des Moines, IA 50309
Type: Places to take a walk, Places to play
Bathrooms: No, but walk into Lauridsen Skatepark and bathrooms are located there.
Shade: No
Playground: Yes, you can climb on the large bobber and few swings.
Trails: Yes, paved
Water: Yes, alongside the river. Drinking fountain located in Lauridsen Skatepark:

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As you can see walking into Rotary Riverwalk Park is directly linked with Lauridsen Skatepark, so you can explore both at the same time!

The bobber is always a great hit for the kids who love to climb.

There are also a few swings available.

There are also several spots to have a picnic and watch the Des Moines River.

Do not forget to take a walk over The Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge and look at the dam.


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