Riverview Park – Des Moines, Iowa

Riverview Park in Des Moines, Iowa

It’s cold outside! A few weeks ago when it was snowy, we attempted to go to Margo Frankel but found the official gates closed for the winter (I guess you can still park along the road and walk back, but that seemed really cold and long). I pulled up the interactive map to find another place to hike that was nearby, and drove down a few minutes to check out Riverview Park! This is connected by paved trail to several of the main paved trails in the downtown area, as well as one of our summer favorites, McHenry Park. **Updates coming to this park!**

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You can see more specific details on the Riverview Park page or check out its location on the interactive map.

riverview park des moines iowa (5)

When you first enter, there is a huge sign showing their future plans for the area. It looks like it will be really cool!riverview park des moines iowa (7)

This is a view of bridge from inside the park; you park back and to the left of that building with the Fedex truck parked in front of it.riverview park des moines iowa (2)

You can see the shelter of McHenry Park far off in the distance!

riverview park des moines iowa (1)

My daughter (check out her new mittens*, here!) loved marching over the bridge, and the bright red is a fun pop against the grey/white/brown landscape.

riverview park des moines iowa (3)

There are some nice, gentle slopes that would be good for sledding with little kids or skiing (maybe? I don’t ski!)riverview park des moines iowa (4)

There are several picnic tables sprinkled around, and water on both sides of the paths.

riverview park des moines iowa (6)

You can see the Capitol off to the left, in the distance!

riverview park des moines iowa (8)

We enjoyed watching the ducks and geese flying in and swimming, it was super peaceful and quiet. An easy place to pull over and run off some steam if you’re in the area!

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