Where to Rent Snowshoes in Des Moines, Iowa

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You can’t wish the snow away, so why not embrace it! Snowshoeing in Des Moines, Iowa can be a fun way to exercise afnd explore without getting your socks full of ice. There are several places to rent kids snowshoes (and even more to rent adult snowshoes), be sure to call ahead and reserve them for pickup on Friday if you can because several of these places are closed on Saturday. Each facility has different rules, but generally speaking you need at least 4″ of snow on the ground to snowshoe safely.

You can also check out places to sled in Des Moines and get your winter fix, check out our favorite mittens for kids too!

dsmof disclaimer

I called around to get the specifics on availability and confirm everything:

  • Dallas County Conservation does NOT rent them out, they only use them in programming (check their calendar here).
  • Story County Consevation does NOT rent them out or do programming with them.

Kid & adult snowshoe rentals:

Adult sizes only:

  • Rasmussen Bike Shop (West Des Moines)- Adult Only- Snowshoe Rental: $12/Day Pole Rental: $8/Day Snowshoe/Pole Rental: $18/Day Weekend Snowshoe/Pole Rental: $25

Tips on snowshoe-friendly trails:

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