Pumpkin Patch Visit: Wills Orchard in Adel Iowa

Wills Orchard and Pumpkin Patch is so much fun! I always recommend it for young babies and toddlers who don’t need a lot to be entertained; they added some new activities this year that weren’t there in 2015, but the focus is mainly on being outside and on the pumpkins! We went to both Wills and Center Grove Orchard last year, which is probably the most popular in the area and over the top, but took a return trip to Wills when my family was in town this past weekend.

You can see more specific details on the Wills Orchard page below or check out its location on the interactive map.

Wills Family Orchard and Pumpkin Patch – Adel, Iowa


When you’re driving out, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. My 4 year old likes to say “we’re in farm country!” and he’s right! Spotting this sign usually happens right when I wonder if we made a wrong turn (GPS directions take you right there!).


They have a small farmyard, with chickens and goats. They aren’t terribly interested in the visitors but it’s nice to watch them munch and play – and there is a big bottle of hand sanitizer nearby if your kids like to lick the fence like mine do (gross).


There is a hayrack ride going around the fields, this year it cost $3 with kids 2 and under free. We didn’t opt to take a ride, but it looks like they go out past the orchard and are gone for a while.


We were there on a weekend, so there was a small BBQ truck set up; on specific weekends they have “festivals” with more food offerings and live music. There are picnic tables spread around and bags set up for playing, just really relaxed vibes. We got a pack of the apple cider doughnuts to fuel up before the pumpkin hunt, and I definitely recommend them!


There is a small indoor shop, with produce for sale as well as apple butter/jam, apple cider, and other related products. I bought two pie pumpkins to make puree for muffins, yum.


Up against the shop, there is a gourd painting station for $1 a kid (price in 2016).


Here’s a menu sign with 2016 prices and offerings, so you know what to expect!


There was a new section that wasn’t there last year; I didn’t go in but the guy at the front said there were pedal tractors to ride, a small corn pit, and a haybale maze. It cost $3 to get in but we skipped it.


One of my kids’ favorite parts is the tractor they can climb on! It has a nice sign that is perfect for annual pictures – there is also a sign in the other corner that says Wills Apple Orchard with hay bales stacked strategically.


Inside you can grab a wagon and some shears for the pumpkin vines, head out into the patch or take a turn in the corn maze, which was also $3 a person.


This picture makes it look a bit sparse, but there were loads of pumpkins! White, green, orange, warty, smooth. They had a nice variety and large fields with lots to choose from. They charge by the pound, so our medium-sized orange pumpkin was under $3. It was a fun afternoon out in the sun without spending much money!

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