Playgrounds with rubber footing around Des Moines, Iowa

When the weather starts to finally warm up and the snow melts, playgrounds with lots of dirt or sparse wood chips can turn into mud pits. Here is a list of playgrounds with rubber footing around Des Moines, Iowa so you can get outside even if you don’t want to do a million loads of laundry! These are all parks you can visit without getting muddy and burning off all that stir-crazy winter energy.

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Now is the perfect time to buy some waterproof boots for spring playing! We usually have one pair of waterproof boots and one pair of tennis shoes for spring, then sandals or warmer boots for winter.

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If it’s really miserable, don’t forget this list of places to burn energy indoors and this list of where to find nature indoors around Central Iowa!

Places to play indoors around Des Moines, Iowa

Where to Enjoy Nature Indoors around Des Moines, Iowa

Parks with rubber footing around Des Moines, Iowa

You can find a map at the end of the post, showing all of the different spots. Please let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any and I’ll happily add them!


Dean Park and Sprayground – Ankeny, Iowa


Ironwood Park (aka the Pirate Ship Park) in Altoona, Iowa – Park Visit


Des Moines

Pete Crivaro Park and Wading Pool – Des Moines, Iowa

Ashley Okland Star Playground – Des Moines, Iowa

Rotary Riverwalk Park – Des Moines, Iowa



Morningside Park – Johnston, Iowa

Johnston Commons Playground – Johnston, Iowa

Terra Park – Johnston, Iowa


Warrior Park in Norwalk, Iowa


Pleasant Hill

Copper Creek Lake Park – Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Polk City

Polk City Town Square Park, Polk City, Iowa



Fox Creek Park in Waukee, Iowa

Sugar Creek Park – Waukee, Iowa

Triumph Park – Waukee, Iowa

Glynn Village Park – Waukee, Iowa


West Des Moines

Walnut Woods Park – West Des Moines, Iowa


Windsor Heights

Colby Park – Windsor Heights, Iowa


A map of where they are all located:

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