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Miracle Park in Ankeny is one of the two large playgrounds in the area that were designed to be inclusive of all children (the other is Ashley Okland Star Playground) and it is full of unique things to play with and climb. There are elements for kids of all ages and my only warning would be that I think it would be tricky with kids who tend to run off. The larger playground is very dense and it’s easy to lose sight of kids, I was glad that my son had bright green shorts on when we went. The rubber footing is great for younger kids who eat wood chips, for when you want to avoid mud, and for kids who struggle with uneven terrain. It is open during school hours; there is a school nearby but new fences have been installed to separate their playground from Miracle Park (see an update on this here).

[You can see more specific details on the Miracle Park page below or check out its location on the interactive map.]

Miracle Park – Ankeny, Iowa

miracle park playground in ankeny iowa (3)

It’s tough to get a good picture of the entire playground, we parked by the sand volleyball courts (GPS takes you to the area easily) and walked over. There is a younger kids’ playground set to the left of this photo.

miracle park playground in ankeny iowa (1)

You can see the fun “roller slide” to the right, I can’t think of another one like this in the area, and my kids like them.

miracle park playground in ankeny iowa (2)

This is the younger playset, there is also a sensory-activity wall in this area, perfect for younger babies who like to pull up on things.

miracle park playground in ankeny iowa (5)

This is the main playground from the other side, you can see the large porch-style swing for kids who use wheelchairs, several slides, and a dense network of pathways and ramps.

miracle park playground in ankeny iowa (6)

Swings! My kids’ favorite. There are a few other random elements, you can see a mini climbing web off to the right and then buildings all around. I went with a friend, which was ideal since we could keep an eye out for one another’s kids, it was probably one of the busiest parks I’ve visited in the entire metro area. There is an associated Miracle League Field as well, more information on their Facebook page.

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