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Mccoll Park in Woodward, Iowa is a quaint, small-town park that we stopped by after spending the morning at Big Creek State Park and then checking out Swede Point Park! We had initially planned on killing time at this park until it was dark enough to see the High Trestle Trail Bridge all lit up, but the temperature kept dropping and we gave up on that idea. My son had a marvelous time on the old-school merry-go-round and teeter-totter; all the open space was great for running around.

You can see more specific details on the McColl Park page below or check out its location on the interactive map.

Mccoll Park – Woodward, Iowa

mccoll park woodward iowa (9)

mccoll park woodward iowa (2)

Standard issue playground, some nice low climbing elements.

mccoll park woodward iowa (11)

Old school teeter-totters and excavator sand diggers.

mccoll park woodward iowa (10)

Why don’t they put these in modern parks! My kids absolutely love them.

mccoll park woodward iowa (7)

This giant slide was fun.

mccoll park woodward iowa (6)

There was a slightly less intense slide option as well. You can see the swing options in the background of both pictures above, with baby and standard sizes.

mccoll park woodward iowa (5)

There was a basketball court right next door.mccoll park woodward iowa (4) mccoll park woodward iowa (3)mccoll park woodward iowa (8)

The renovated train station wasn’t particularly exciting, but if you’re into Iowa history you might want to check it out! I’m not sure we’d ever drive up special to see this park, but it was a fun stop-off in between other destinations.

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