Mally’s Weh-Weh-Neh-Kee Park – Berwick, Iowa

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Mally’s Park is tucked in a small town, with a small playground and trail access to both the Gay Lea Wilson and Chichaqua Valley Trails. We visited as a part of the Polk County Geocaching Challenge.

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Name: Mally’s Weh-Weh-Neh-Kee Park
Address: 5792 NE Berwick Dr, Berwick, IA 50032
Type: Places to play and places to take a walk
Bathrooms: Yes
Shade: Yes, shaded shelter
Playground: Yes
Trails: Yes, paved
Water: Yes, river
Other notes: Fishing. Trail map:
Official Website:
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Other things nearby of note:
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1 thought on “Mally’s Weh-Weh-Neh-Kee Park – Berwick, Iowa

  1. Tammy Bullington says:

    I am trying to get some information on Mally’s park.
    How big is the shelter?
    Do you have to reserve it?
    How much to rent the shelter and availability.


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