Little Bridge Park – De Soto, Iowa

I saw a sign for Little Bridge Park in De Soto, Iowa on our way down to Winterset and thought we’d stop by and take a peek! I just snapped some pictures from my car – this park would be a fun stopping point to catch some fresh and we’ll stop by to explore more sometime soon. It had a lot of open space and a cute little bridge, a nice playground, and a covered shelter for a picnic.

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Name: Little Bridge Park
Address: Adair St & Elm St, De Soto, IA 50069
Type: Places to play
Bathrooms: Yes
Shade: Yes, shaded shelter
Playground: Yes
Trails: Unknown
Water: Yes, creek
Other notes: Small bridge, basketball court in the parking lot. Funky squirrel sculpture. I couldn’t find an official address anywhere but included the closest intersection, which will lead you right there, in addition to the signage. Sandpit with sand diggers.

Carol said in the comments that a train track runs nearby and if you’re lucky you can see the train running while at the park!

Official Website:
Other things nearby of note:
If you’re looking for other places to get outside, check back in with the interactive map!


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Have you been here? Leave a comment and let people know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Little Bridge Park – De Soto, Iowa

  1. Carol Johnson says:

    I live in De Soto and discovered Winterset City Park through your blog. Thank you very much! My kids keep asking when we’ll go back to the castle. I just wanted to add that Little Bridge Park also has a large sand area with two diggers. If you look closely at your picture of the bathroom you can see the green handles sticking up just to the left of that big tree on the left and the other on is more hidden by the trash container on the right. It really is a great park, and if you time it right, you can even see a train go by across the field south of the park. I have a video of the first time my son saw a real live train from one of our visits to that park.

    1. swoodsonsays says:

      Hey Carol! Yay! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. That makes me really happy to hear, because that is the whole point of this giant project, to hopefully help people discover new places 🙂 Have you been to Pammel Park? It’s not far from Winterset City Park and has some super cool features too, I have a lot more to explore that way though! Thank you so much for adding that info about Little Bridge Park too, I edited the page to include it.


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