Johnston Town Center Splash Pad – Johnston, Iowa

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This splash pad is located in Johnston, Iowa within the newly built Johnston Town Center. A place for the community to come together for outdoor events and more. This fun splash pad will be transformed into a skating rink in the winter months.


Name: Johnston Town Center Splash Pad
Address:  MERLE HAY RD & NW 62ND AVE
Type: Places to get wet, places to skate
Bathrooms: Yes. Currently still under construction, but there are porta-potties on site.
Shade: Yes
Playground: No

Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily (summer months)
Trails: Yes, walking paths
Water: Yes, splash pad structure

Official Website:

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This splash pad offers fun water structures full of fun! The Johnston Towncenter splash pad features six above-ground water features and 21 inground features. In-ground LED lighting will light the water features during the evening hours. Two-step pads activate the splash pad. There are also tons of sitting available.

The kids enjoyed trying to block the water from spraying up.

The splash pad area is surrounded by a railing. The Johnston Town Center has plans to convert this into an ice skating rink during the winter months. Take a look at the details here.

The area provides a LOT of green space for kids to run and play. It will also be home to a ton of outdoor, community events.

There are also walking paths throughout the area.

Public restrooms in the adjacent concession building are still in the final stages of construction and are not yet open to the public.

Ripples is an interactive structure just outside the splash pad. There are scales on it that the kids enjoyed playing with. This structure is NOT made to be climbed on.


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