Haines Park – Altoona, Iowa

Haines Park, Altoona, Iowa

Haines Park in Altoona, Iowa is a beautiful park with a playground great for active kids who like to climb! There is a basketball court and tennis courts as well as an open-air performance space. Haines Park has plenty of both shaded and sunny areas and would be an ideal spot for an afternoon picnic.

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Name: Haines Park

Address: 3rd Ave SE & 6th St Place SE Altoona, IA 50009

Type: Places to play

Hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Bathrooms: Yes

Shade: Yes, shaded shelter and plenty of tree coverage.

Playground: Yes

Shelter: Yes, Reservable. https://www.altoona-iowa.com/i-want-to/reserve-a-park-shelter/

Trails: No

Water: No

Other notes: Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, Sand Play Area, Open-Air Performance Area, Flower Garden, and Gazebo

Official Website:   https://www.altoona-iowa.com/departments/community-services/parks/

Other things nearby of note:
If you’re looking for other places to get outside, check back in with the interactive map!


The main playground is great for active kids and offers an array of bars and ropes to climb. 

Next to the main playground is a smaller playground for younger climbers along with a swing set.

Offset from the main playground area is another smaller side playground.

Haines Park offers a ton of open grassy space for a picnic park or a game of catch. There are a lot of trees offering natural shade. Additionally, there is an open-air performance area with seating and staging.

A beautiful feature of Haines Park is its flower garden pathway and gazebo.

Along with the above features, Haines Park boasts additional amenities including a basketball court, tennis courts, a sand pit, and a reservable open-air shelter.


Plan a visit to Haines Park with your family today and be on the lookout for their iconic rocket ship!

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    I’m wanting to have my wedding in your park.I was wondering about prices could you email me back and let me know


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