Chichaqua Wildlife Viewing Area

Chichaqua Wildlife Viewing Area

This Chichaqua Wildlife Viewing Area is a part of the Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt, but it’s a bit of a drive from the main parking. There is a separate parking lot off the highway that leads to the cool viewing deck with binoculars. The gravel trail then turns into a grass trail, looping much further past.

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Name: Chichaqua Wildlife Viewing Area
Address: 10836 NE Hubbell Ave Maxwell, IA 50161 (approximate, for GPS usage, see the map image below)
Type: Places to get take a hike and places to visit
Bathrooms: Yes
Shade: No
Playground: No
Trails: Yes, gravel and then grass Trail map:
Water: No
Other notes: Binoculars.
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Other things nearby of note:
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