Park Visit: Swanson Memorial Park with a Historic Caboose, Train Depot, & General Store


This past week we were able to explore a true hidden gem – the Swanson Memorial Park in Clive, Iowa! It’s easy to miss even though it’s alongside a major intersection; the park has a small green space, picnic tables and bench, an old caboose, a historic train depot, and an old-time house/general store. The park is maintained by the Clive Historical Society, and their website has some really fantastic videos and photographs alongside lots of information. The caboose and open space are available and open to the public every day, making it a great spot to stop and explore and relax (free wi-fi!) or have a lunch. Checking out the train depot and house require a tour, hosted by one of the volunteers from the historical society. You can see more specific details on the Swanson Memorial Park page or check out its location on the interactive map.

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