Cumming Places to hike

Blue Flag Marsh – Cumming, Iowa

Blue Flag Marsh is named after the Blue Flag Iris plant that grows there, with diverse wetland foliage to observe. No marked trails exist, but it is a great place to explore.

Maxwell Places to hike

Engeldinger Marsh – Maxwell, Iowa

engeldinger marsh des moines maxwell iowa

Engeldinger Marsh is in Maxwell, Iowa doesn’t have any marked trails, but there are open grass paths to hike and a stretch of road with a dead end to walk down and observe the marsh. We came here for the Polk County Geocaching Challenge and had lots of fun bushwhacking through the reeds.

Ankeny Places to take a walk

Carney Marsh – Ankeny, Iowa


Carney Marsh is a unique nature spot, with lots of birds and unique foliage. A paved path runs along one side of it, connecting to several longer trail systems.

Places to hike Winterset

Jensen Marsh – Saint Charles , Iowa

Jensen Marsh has a wide variety of wildlife and plant life, alongside diverse habitats. There is an abandoned railroad bed along the park’s edge with parking on each end, which can be walked on as a trail.