Maquoketa Caves State Park – Camping Visit!

maquoketa caves state park iowa (16)

I present to you, the coolest place to hike in Iowa. My love for caves has deep roots; growing up, my grandparents lived in Arkansas so we frequently visited the show caves in neighboring Missouri. There is something so thrilling about walking underground for me, and it never gets old! When I was a teenager, I did an incredible “wild caving” tour of the Kentucky Mammoth Caves with my brother. Moving to Cedar Falls, I was super excited to hear that there were similar opportunities only two hours away but they closed the caves around the same time in an effort to prevent a bat disease from spreading. Last summer I finally got to see them in person when we went to Maquoketa Caves State Park and camped overnight; we had so much fun we’re hoping to make it an annual family tradition!

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