Brenton Arboretum – Dallas Center, Iowa

Brenton Arboretum in Dallas Center IOwa near Des Moines Iowa

Brenton Arboretum is a true gem, acres of rolling hills and prairie, with a unique natural playscape that kids love to play on. They have a shelter with a “green roof” that is growing prairie on top as well, perfect for picnics.

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Name: Brenton Arboretum
Address: 25141 260th Street, Dallas Center, Iowa 50063
Type: Places to visit and take a hike
Bathrooms: Yes, non-flush
Shade: Yes, shaded shelter
Playground: Yes, natural playscape
Trails: Yes, grass
Water: Yes, pond
Other notes: They offer self guided tours including a leaf walk, a stormwater walk, seven trails, bird  watching, and a natural playscape. A flat, stone labryinth and a pond are other interesting spots.
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[Photo courtesy of Brenton Arboretum]

[Photo courtesy of Brenton Arboretum]

[Photo courtesy of Brenton Arboretum]


[Photo courtesy of Brenton Arboretum]

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