40+ Gift Ideas for Nature Loving Kids

Check out this huge list of gift ideas for nature loving kids! Games, experiences, gear, crafts - something for every outdoorsy kid. #parenting #giftguide

I am guessing you don’t need any more toys, so I’ll share this big list of non-toy gifts for nature loving kids! These are all roughly for toddlers through elementary age kids, and I think there is something for everyone. Which one do you think your kiddo would like best?

Local to Des Moines, don’t forget all the brick & mortar shops you can stop in and support in our community, as shared in this local gift guide!

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Not everything has a picture, that just means I didn’t hear back from the seller for permission to use a photo! I haven’t tried all of these, but have had other good experiences with the maker/site and also heard good things secondhand.

Nature subscriptions

Nature experience gifts

  • An afternoon geocaching together (see my get started geocaching post here!)
  • A whole day outdoor adventure with special hikes and a picnic lunch planned out
  • Set up a fun scavenger hunt ahead of time, with hidden treasure and clues, just for your family
  • Set up a ‘tracker’ challenge, with pre-set clues to find a “missing person” or other mystery

Nature Kits

Sometimes you just want to click ‘ship now’ and be done with it. Kits sometimes end up with chintzy components, but these all get good reviews and look like lots of fun.

Nature crafts

I love sunprints! I think all of these would be enjoyed by adults just as much as the kids, actually.

Nature gear to play outside

My kids play most with their ‘loose parts’ aka log slices, random rocks, and cut  up hose pieces, but I’d love to add some of these to our backyard.

Nature gear to get outside

If you’re looking for even more practical ideas, you can see the clothes we wear to hike in fall, in this post! We love our folding guides, and my kids are obsessed with night hikes using their head lamps.

Nature for indoors

Caution! You won’t be able to release many of these critters until it is much warmer, depending on where you live. We had so much fun with the butterfly kit this year.

Nature board games

Perfect for when it is miserable outside, nature board games combine two of our family’s favorite things.

Nature magazines

We’ve received all of these over the past few years and enjoy all of them! Magazines are perfect for reading in the car or over breakfast.

Nature Books

I have two separate posts focusing all about books! Check out books for adults wanting to get their kids out in nature more and a picture books featuring nature post (coming soon!).

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Check out this huge list of gift ideas for nature loving kids! Games, experiences, gear, crafts - something for every outdoorsy kid. #parenting #giftguide

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